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  • Islamic Kindergarten Al-Azhar Cairo Banda Aceh


    Islamic Kindergarten Al-Azhar Cairo Banda Aceh is a branch of Al-Azhar Cairo Indonesia which has been present in several cities, namely in Palembang, Yogyakarta, Pagar Alam, Bandung, and Bali (Member of Al-Azhar Cairo). Islamic Kindergarten Al-Azhar Cairo Banda Aceh uses the 2013 curriculum and is supplemented by the religious curriculum of Al-Azhar Cairo. Both curricula are integrated into daily activities in the classroom.




    Superior Kindergarten in Indonesia, it is fun to play and learn, also creates candidates for religious and religious leaders.


    1. Maximizing the potential of students, to create children who are pious, prepare students who have faith, have faith and have good character.
    2. Providing a learning environment mawaddah wa rahmah, uswah hasanah that is in accordance with the ethics of society and the times.

    Registration requirement :

    1. Paying Registration Fee of Rp 250.000,- *
    2. Fill out the registration form*
    3. Submit 4 (four) copies of the birth certificate and show the original birth certificate*
    4. Submit color photographs of size 3 x 4 by 5 sheets*
    5. Submit 4 (four) copies of Father and Mother ID Card*
    6. Submit 4 (four) copies of Family Card(KK)*


    Kindergarten (TK) observation material Emotional social:

    1. Motoric (Rough Motor & Fine Motoric)
    2. Visual (Observation)
    3. Auditory (Hearing & Understanding)
    4. Language ability
    5. Ability to think


    (*) File submitted at registration.

    At the time of registration MUST bring an ORIGINAL & PHOTOCOPY BIRTH CERTIFICATE

    Uniforms and headscarves(Hijab) are provided from the school.

    The curriculum used by the Islamic Kindergarten Al-Azhar Cairo Banda Aceh is the 2013 curriculum (K13) and enriched with Al Azhar Cairo’s religious curriculum. In its application, both curricula are integrated into daily activities in the class.

    • Playgroup is divided into 2 groups :
      • Group 1 (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
      • Group 2 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
    • TK A & TK B: 5 days in 1 week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

    Child development report will be given every term (3 months).

    To get a picture of the child, the school makes judgments through observation, verbal responses, works, portfolios and during the process which are expected to provide a balanced picture of the progress / development of the child.

    • Groups A and B enter at 07:30 – 10:30 WIB.
    • Especially for Playgroups from 07:30 – 10.00 WIB.
    • Especially the PG Friday, TK A, TK B go home from school at 10:00 WIB
    • Students attend 15 minutes before the bell
    • Special Extracurricular Day (Tuesday and Wednesday), going home from school at 11:30 WIB
    • The introduction only reaches the gate.
    • Children say hello to the teacher.
    • Each student is required to follow the pledge, for those who are late must report to the teacher picket and carry out on their own line.
    • Parents pick up on time.
    • If the child is late picked up or absent, ask the parents to contact the class / school teacher.
    • Please collaborate with parents to arrange a child’s sleep schedule so they don’t come late to school.
    • Please cooperate with parents so that children are not given the freedom to play gadgets, games and watch late at night.
    • Students are required to bring food from home not in the form of snacks containing MSG or other foods that have been declared unhealthy for children’s growth and development.
    • Students are not permitted to wear valuable jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, gold rings and so on.

    Kindergarten Teachers

    Cut Nurul Hijjah, S.Pd.I
    Verawati, S.Pd
    Atiah, S.Pd.I