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  • Islamic Junior High School Al-Azhar Cairo Banda Aceh


    Islamic Junior High School Al-Azhar Cairo Banda Aceh is a school managed by the Al-Azhar Cairo Banda Aceh Foundation. In the 2017/2018 school year, curriculum changes were made referring to the Al-Azhar Cairo Egypt curriculum which consisted of three subjects (Al-Qur’an, Religion and Arabic). It is a school that combines IMTAQ-based education (Faith and Faith) and Science and Technology (Science and Technology), which students hope are not only intellectually intelligent, but also emotionally and spiritually intelligent.

    To support the learning process both intra and extra, Islamic Junior High School AL-AZHAR Cairo Banda Aceh seeks to fulfill facilities and infrastructure, such as:

    1. The air-conditioned study room is equipped with an LCD projector and multimedia
    2. Learning support rooms such as: Science Laboratory, Computer Laboratory, Music Studio, Dance Room, Library, Mosque, Sports Field, and others.
    3. IPad based learning.
    4. Healthy canteen.

    To improve the quality of human resources (Educators and Education Personnel), Islamic Junior High School AL-AZHAR Cairo Banda Aceh provides various training such as:

    1. English and Arabic language training
    2. Training for Tahsin and Tahfidz
    3. Learning Method Training
    4. Learning Media Making Training
    5. Comparative study
    6. Workshop and seminars

    This is done to achieve the target of graduating Islamic Junior High School AL-AZHAR in Banda Aceh, such as:

    1. Obtained Diknas and Al-Azhar Cairo diplomas
    2. Orderly in praying 5 times
    3. Memorize Al-Quran at least juz 30
    4. Diligent and reading the Al-Qur’an tartil
    5. Noble character (Akhlak Al Karimah)
    6. Entrepreneurial
    7. Social behavior
    8. Spirited leadership




    Becoming a school of pride for the people, trusted, and leading in the education of IMTAQ and IMTEK


    1. Developing the Akhlakul Karimah student attitude through the creation of a religious atmosphere in the Islamic Junior High School Al-Azhar Cairo Banda Aceh
    2. Implement superior, modern and effective academic activities
    3. Developing a trustworthy, transparent and professional education management
    4. Implement and develop ICT-based learning
    5. Developing the ability of students to synergize, achieve, and be competent in the international world Developing entrepreneurial skills

    The curriculum used by Islamic Junior High School Al-Azhar Cairo Banda Aceh is the 2013 curriculum (K13) and enriched with Al Azhar Cairo’s religious curriculum. In its application, both curricula are integrated into daily activities in the class.

    Al-Azhar Cairo Banda Aceh will use a multilingual system where in the school 3 compulsory and active languages will be used, namely English, Arabic, and Indonesian.


    Habit of Akhlakul Karimah

    Is a process of moral formation and planting / practicing Islamic teachings which include:

    • Tadarus Al Qur’an every morning before the lesson begins
    • Memorization of prayer / juz amma at each grade level
    • Prayers of Dhuha and tausiyah every day
    • Dhuhur and Ashars prayer every day in congregation at the mosque
    • Commemoration of Islamic Day and National Day
    • Humanitarian care fundraising
    • Mentoring religious coaching
    • Coaching homeroom
    • Cultivate greetings, greetings, smiles, polite, and polite
    • Maintain cleanliness, order, and discipline
    • Social service
    • Tahajud and Khotmul Qur’an
    • Amaliah Ramadan and Sacrifice
    • Habit of sunnah fasting (especially Monday-Thursday fasting)
    • Joint Umrah

    Life Skills Education

    Life skills education; personal skills, social skills, academic skills and vocational skills are an integral part of all subjects education, and all types of self-development activities.

    In every learning students are required to do something (practice) that is expected from the demands of their competence, by paying attention to personal competencies such as devotion to God Almighty, sincerity, honesty, discipline and so on. Conduct social interactions by cooperating with each other, respecting, respecting each other with respect to others during learning. The implementation of life skills at Islamic Junior  High School AL-AZHAR Cairo Banda Aceh includes:

    Personal life skills include:

    • Skilled in reading and writing Al Quran (integrated in Al Quran subjects)
    • Diligent worship (integrated in religious subjects)
    • Honest
    • Discipline
    • Hard work
    • Leadership
    • Skilled in organization
    • Independent

    Social Skills include:

    • Skilled in solving problems in their environment
    • Have a sportsmanship
    • Familiarize a healthy life
    • Able to cooperate
    • Able to communicate verbally and in writing
    • Skilled as an emcee (MC) (integrated in Indonesian and English subjects)

    Academic Skills include:

    • Skilled in scientific research such as planning and conducting research by formulating hypotheses, identifying variables, and proving variables
    • Skilled in applying simple technology (integrated in science and technology subject groups)
    • Rational thinking skills
    • Skilled in solving Olympic questions

    Vocational Skills

    • Skilled in communicating in English and Arabic.
    • Skilled in operating a computer.
    • Skilled in speaking Indonesian, English and Arabic.
    • Skilled in writing scientific / popular essays and literature.

    Junior High School Teachers